Media Masters Online

Did you know the second most popular Internet search engine is YouTube? It's true. In fact, the internet is more highly regarded for its capacity as a news and informational source than anything else. Educational videos properly optimized rank higher, faster than almost any other organic listing. 

Media Masters helps attorneys and law firms identify the topics targeted audiences will be looking for information about online. Then we partner with the attorney to create a script and shoot and edit an informational video about that topic. These videos are then uploaded to the client's You Tube page and other video sharing sites. We then create a press release and article in conjunction with the video and syndicate those to various online distribution sites as well. Often these videos and the accompanying informational material is then picked up by many other websites because of the valuable content.

See some examples of our work here:

Houston Family Law Attorney Cindy Diggs Shares Information About Texas Child Custody Laws

Don Kidd and Jim Perdue Warn of the Dangers of Triad Alcohol Prep Pads

Andy Vickery Warns of Humira Drug Fungal Infection Side Effects

Houston Divorce Lawyer Cindy Diggs Shares Information About Lawyer Fees When the Spouse Controls the Money

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