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CBS News Interviews Miranda Sevcik


Houston reporter Leigh Frillici recently interviewed Miranda Sevcik, Principal of Media Masters about Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. Gifford's team released pictures of the rehabilitating Congresswoman as she continues her recovery from being shot in the head by a gunman in Arizona during a rally. Sevcik was asked if the picture release may calm down some of the media frenzy surrounding the Congresswoman.

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The Daily Beast Quotes Miranda Sevcik


The Daily Beast quotes Miranda Sevcik as she weighs in on meltdown of Tiger Woods.

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Media Masters Article About Media Frenzies Featured in TESLA


When the international media comes knocking at an attorney's door, bedlam can quickly ensure.  How do you keep your practice going while 60 Minutes is begging for an interview? Media Masters principal, Miranda Sevcik writes an article describing her 2 year experience representing the doctor accused of killing Michael Jackson and his Houston attorney, Ed Chernoff.

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The CBS Early Show Interviews Miranda Sevcik About Dr. Conrad Murray


Miranda Sevcik is interviewed by CBS Early news about Dr. Conrad Murray's return to work in Houston, Texas

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