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Marketing Plans

Expand your market and increase awareness of your firm, your practice and yourself. Build your brand with Media Masters.

We offer personal consultation for individual attorneys, firms and medical professionals looking to create marketing strategies designed to fit the goals of your practice. 

We excel at identifying your purpose, refining your message and understanding your audience better than they know themselves.  We then combines the aspects of your current plan that are currently working, the amount of time and resources you have to devote to marketing and which tools available will work best in both traditional media and socail media.  Our marketing strategies ensure your message is communicated to the people who need to hear it.

Media Masters' personal consultation positions legal and medical professionals as experts in their practice areas. Coaching includes taped interview training, publicity plans, marketing material review and image consultation.

Media Masters meets with clients, determines their specific goals, messaging, audiences and creates a custom publicity system designed to deliver their message directly to an audience that needs the information. 

Media Masters marketing works with clients to create a hybrid system of execution.  Clients can choose to work certain parts of the plan themselves in-house or Media Masters can execute the plan on an hourly basis each month.

Marketing plans include:

Media Masters offers pinpoint marketing solutions designed for each client's unique expertise. This solution may include a firm logo, promotional items, brochure, website design, video production and search engine optimization.

Media Masters is also a one-stop resource for all of our clients' marketing collateral needs.

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